about us

Our strap line growth through practice is at the core of everything we do here at matlife. We aim to provide our customers with specialist yoga and pilates clothes that make them feel comfortable, stylish and confident as they continue as they develop their practice.

our values


Physical, mental, spiritual... whatever your goal is, matlife is honoured to be part of your journey.


We aspire to provide you with clothes and products that you feel make you feel great about yourself and your life on this planet.


Everyone that works at matlife is dedicated to our beliefs in the benefits of yoga and pilates and to helping others benefit from it, be it on a physical or spiritual level.


All our products are carefully selected on the basis of their quality and wherever possible we use locally produced and organic fabrics.


We want everyone to benefit from our products -- from the people that produce the products, ourselves the vendors through to you the end consumer.

We take steps to ensure:

  • our products are never sourced from sweat shops or use child labour
  • our suppliers pay an above average local wage
  • we only work with partners that share similar values as matlife -- everyone from our designers and our accountants to our printers and clothing suppliers
  • we provide our customers with great products, at reasonable prices and with the best possible customer we can provide.