Halasana Plain Vest Top - No Bra Support, regular length


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Designed for women who wish to practice yoga or Pilates in a bra, this vest's simple and straightforward design creates a flattering and streamlined look. Suitable for all types of yoga and Pilates and particularly popular for Hatha and Iyengar yoga and Pilates.
Made of stretch cotton which is a 230gr combed infusion of cotton and spandex. The weight of the fabric is a slightly heavier than most active wear/yoga and Pilates ranges use, and has been specifically chosen because of its luxurious feel against the skin, support, elasticity and durability. The mix is made of 90% natural products allowing the skin to breathe and is non-slip, essential for those challenging balancing and inversion yoga and Pilates postures. The 10% spandex ensures the garment adheres to the body even when inverted. Machine washable at 30 degrees.